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I'm Charlotte

I grew up on Wensleydale cheese, the post-punk sounds of the 80s and the comedic misadventures of The Last of the Summer Wine. 

Creativity was always my thing, with a self-bestowed degree in ‘cutting and sticking’ at an early age. That never eventuated to a conventional degree, but did take me on a creative journey studying art and design, exploring my own inspiration and eventually finding my own rhythm of expression with flower creations. 

Since then I’ve worked with high-street florists, freelanced with wedding work and collaborated with incredible stylists.

Above all else, I love flowers. I’m the girl who always stops to smell the roses. A walk through trees takes twice as long with me. If you want to know what’s growing in the gardens of St Clair, I’m your lady.



My inspiration

My obsession starts with flowers, but my inspiration to use them comes from the curiosities and cultures of different times and places. From retro styling to indie rock and from 70s fashion to beachside romance, I blend a little bit of eclecticism into every bouquet I create.


I believe in simplicity

I create bouquets that are significant for their simplicity. There’s no unnecessary wrap, plastic and ribbon, just great florals, sustainably sourced and used. With a single weekly design, we keep pricing, decisions and waste all to a minimum.


I believe in community

Wherever possible, I use quality locally, organically grown in-season flowers from South Island growers who are passionate about their craft. I collaborate with stylists, photographers and designers whose vision and values align with my own.


I believe in beauty

I’ve lived a life on the move, discovering the different definitions of beauty, how it is honoured and appreciated around the globe. Taking inspiration from my travels, my flowers celebrate diversity in design.


I believe in creative freedom

My flowers can be bold and colourful but can also be romantic and ethereal. Flowers have the power to communicate a message, a sentiment, an emotion, so whatever the bouquet, there is a story to be told behind each creation.


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